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"If I make up my own "ism" no one can tell me I'm doing it wrong." -Butch Anthony


"Many things come and go. Art abides." -Ant McNaught 


Artist Statement:

What attracts me the most about the world of art is that it is an ever-evolving personal journey. I find it challenging to summarize my work into words- which is why I typically choose to do it with shapes, lines and color. Like everything in life there is the constant push and pull, love and hate, light and dark and so on within my own life, and there is a constant parallel within my world of art. At times, I feel my work looks as though it were created by multiple different people- yet it is really the moments of my life at that exact moment that are being published. As color theory has particularly been an interest of mine, my choice of color is intuitive and responsive. Mainly used to highlight the of subject of my work, I view color as a way for me to celebrate the Earths’ natural palette. In recent years, I have found my focus directed toward subjects of nature, and subjects of wonder. You may see this in the loose use of watercolors, yet there is control taking place with the shapes and lines within these abstract pieces. I feel as though this is a direct expression of the two sides of my brain having a conversation. While my right brain produces the loose, wild and free colors and textures, my left brain wants to have more control using right angles, bold lines and geometric shapes. Born and raised in Vermont, and now living in Santa Cruz, CA I am constantly inspired the contrast and similarities of values, culture and landscape around me. Simply creating is the way I use my art to maintain an optimistic perspective through the lens of the ludicrous and quite honestly mixed up world we live in. In a way, art itself has acted and will continue to be my spirit guide. Painting and illustrating is a way for me to create my own beautiful world, or at least, highlight the beauty that still exists. My thoughts are constantly provoked by the relation- ship humans have developed with or surroundings and the earth’s landscapes and beyond. My style is constantly transforming and developing. I enjoy using materials such as acrylics, watercolor, and ink, and I am always experimenting with new mediums to help further my outlet of expression. Whatever the outcome, it is the process of developing where I feel the most alive. Taking my inspiration and creating it into something I hope others can find inspiration from is my mission as an artist and I hope at the very least, my work may put a smile on your face. 


Cheers. -LE

Leigh Erickson in studio
Leigh Erickson in studio

Video for RAW Art Show "Present", February 2015.  

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