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About LE




Leigh received a BA of Art Administration with a focus in Graphic Design at the University of Maine in 2010.
She spent the following years doing graphic design and marketing work for a multitude of industries. When she moved to Santa Cruz in 2013, she began taking what she learned in her painting classes in college and putting them into use again and slowly has incorporated this in her professional work. She works between graphic design, and the explorations of abstract painting, and hopes to continue to combine them into future works. Leigh co-runs a design studio Rylei Art Dept. and is the Co-Founder of The Art Cave, an art collective and gallery, on the Westside of Santa Cruz, and has shown her artwork around the Bay Area.



"If I make up my own "ism" no one can tell me I'm doing it wrong."
-Butch Anthony


"Many things come and go. Art abides."
-Ant McNaught 



Artist Statement:


My work is essentially a representation of my right brain/ left brain having a conversation. I enjoy creating visual stimulations by painting and using mixed media while practicing color theory and exploring their infinite combinations. In recent years, my work has led me further into the exploration of abstract expressionism to best convey my perception. There’s no blueprint or foregone conclusion in place, but only to be present during the process. The intention is the process itself. Having studied graphic design, my mind still wants to find a way to form a right angle, or even a perfect curve to round off an undefined paint stroke or mark. This has been a predominant approach for my work overall.

When I'm not creating artwork, I am usually on the beach trying to keep up with my dogs Bandit and Basil, or nestled in my house in the redwoods drinking coffee while listening to self-help podcasts, learning astrology and tending to all my plant babies.


Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries of original pieces, prints, or any other business questions.


Cheers. -LE

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